Look Out Scarborough! is my attempt to share facts, analyses and opinions about topics of potential interest to the citizens of Scarborough, Maine.  The facts are, to the best of my ability, accurate and timely.  If you believe I have made an error of fact or deduction, please let me know so I may make the appropriate correction.  The opinions are mine and mine alone.

I grew up in South Portland (back before it was “SoPo”) and attended the city’s schools — taught by Mrs. Foster in sub-primary to the Misses State, Loveitt  and Waterhouse in high school, with many extraordinary teachers in between.

After having spent many years working in the Boston area, I happily relocated to Scarborough in 2008, I enjoy the Town’s  wonderful sense of community and many outstanding natural resources.

T.T. Hannah

(the nom de blog of Steve Hanly)

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