Bulletin: Crime Surge in Scarborough

Greetings, friends and neighbors!

In the last blog posting, we highlighted the Comfort Inn on Route 1 near the entrance to the Downs and how it seemed to be attracting significant police attention.  And now we have some shocking details of what’s been going on there recently.  Rather than delay the sharing of this important information until the next blog, we wanted to get it to you in this special bulletin.

Here’s the Police Department’s summary of calls to the Comfort Inn between January 1 and May 12, 2022:

Source: Town Council Agenda for May 18, 2022 meeting


That’s right, 187 police calls in 19 weeks.  Just about 10 calls per week.  And most of these weren’t for cat-in-the-tree situations.  Frightening, isn’t it?  Welcome to the new, vibrant Scarborough!



So what’s a resident to do other than sigh and recall simpler times?  Well, it turns out that the Comfort Inn’s lodging license is up for renewal by the Town Council at their meeting this Wednesday, May 18, at 7pm.  This includes a public hearing at which residents can voice their opinion as to whether the license should be renewed or not.  These renewals are generally a mere formality.  But perhaps this one shouldn’t be.  Look at the list of police calls again.  And imagine what other even more serious crimes could be added to it the next time a list is produced.

If you can’t make it to the Town Council meeting on Wednesday evening, it’s very easy to share your thoughts with all Town Council members by sending one email to: towncouncil@scarboroughmaine.org.

Remember, it’s your Town!  Let’s keep it safe and welcoming!

Until next time…

Be neighborly!

TT Hannah

(nom de blog of Steve Hanly)


PS: We have not forgotten about the promised expose of how Scarborough really works.  It had to be put temporarily on the back burner due to this and other unexpected issues.  Fear not, it’s coming soon… and will be worth the wait!

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